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December 2014


Created to coincide with the launch of the new NSPCC brand in late 2014, this film tells the story of the NSPCC – all of the work they do and why they do it.


The film focuses on the everyday heroes that work at all levels of the NSPCC with over 30 members of staff being filmed at 20 different locations across the UK. Accompanying the film is an original choral composition performed by the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain, conducted by Nathan Stornetta.


Although originally intended for online, enthusiasm for the project led to the film being shown on ITV and Channel 4 in the Christmas period. The film has been nominated for two EVCOM Awards.


[DIR] Guy Saville [DOP] Gary Rodgers / Paul King / Olly Wiggins [Client] NSPCC


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The ‘Every Childhood’ film we made for the NSPCC is one of the most ambitious projects 3angrymen has ever worked on, tackling the task of encapsulating all of the work that the UK’s leading children’s charity does and the reasons that they do it. With over 30 members of staff from the NSPCC filmed in 20 locations throughout the UK, the film was developed and produced in little under two years, with many, many talented people’s contributions making it possible.

One significant feature of the film is that visually, the focus is on adults rather than children. With this in mind, we developed the concept to include a children’s choir to accompany the film and serve as a constant reminder of who the charity works tirelessly for.

As momentum behind the production of the film gathered pace, we enlisted the services of composer Nathan Stornetta and the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain. Nathan developed a score from scratch, taking inspiration from a very early edit of the film and conversations with the Project Director, Guy.

Eventually Nathan and the NCCGB met at the renowned Air Edel recording studios in Baker Street to record the arrangement and naturally, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a camera out to capture the moment!

[Making the Music of ‘Every Childhood’]