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Featuring shots from work that we’ve done for the likes of the NSPCC and ChildLine, Manchester Utd, Schroders and Channel 4.


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January 2014


Queen Mary University School asked us to find a more impactful way of communicating to potential students and we created a series of films that stand out from the usual content produced by other higher education establishments.


Shot throughout 2013, we aimed to make a film that felt inspirational, young and relevant, featuring students who had first hand experience of studying law at this vibrant East London university.


[DIR] Guy Saville [DOP] Tom Wright [Client] Queen Mary University


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For the second year running, we’ve been taking part in the Creative Mentoring project developed by our friends the Shoreditch Trust, in partnership with the University of the Arts London. The scheme gives young people from East London the opportunity to work with creative organisations in the area to create a piece of work that would eventually be showcased at the Shoreditch Festival.

Last year was all about “Forgotten Games”, this year the brief was a question: “Hoxton, what next?” It’s a question 3angrymen care about, we’ve worked in the area for a couple of years and have come to love it in one way or another. As was the case last year, each project would eventually become part of the Shoreditch Festival, this time as part of an exhibition at the Peer Gallery on Hoxton Street.

Our mentee this year has been Sogol Afshar, a young art student and aspiring film director, who, from our first meeting onward, never failed to bring bright ideas to the table. With the brief in mind, Sogol decided that she wanted to make a mini-documentary about how Hoxton Street had changed, specifically from the point of view of hairdressers who worked there. Hoxton has become an area famous for its hairstyles and she recognised that hairdressers have a unique, unrivalled connection to the people in the area and their changing styles, attitudes and social positions.

After a few weeks research and planning, a couple of sessions on operating a camera and conducting interviews, we went out and interviewed four hairdressers and put several questions to them that we’d formulated. Over the course of 3-4 filming sessions we accumulated several hours of footage, including lots of b-roll shot on the street itself.

With the cameras safely packed away, it was time to give Sogol a crash-course in post-production, giving her an introduction to Final Cut Pro and even some After Effects. After much sifting, the narrative of the edit came together just in time for us to add some final polish and get the film sent over to Peer Gallery where it would become part of the newly titled “Reflections” exhibition. To give the film an added level of immersion, the gallery space had been dressed as a barbers, with viewers watching the film back-projected onto a mirror and sound coming through headphones within an overhead hairdryer.


A few weeks later, the exhibition was moved to 20 East Rd where it was part of the opening of the Shoreditch Trust’s brand new shared workspace, also the new home of 3angrymen – more on that to follow.

Here’s the finished cut of the film, we think Sogol did an impressive job and look forward to all of her future creations.


[Hairdryers, Trims & Hoxton Fins]